PowerBall and US Mega Millions Battle – $800 MILLION

Powerball and US Mega Million sales are going through the roof once more! As mentioned in a previous post, changes in lottery rules increase the likelihood that both of these lotteries will over jackpots over $300 million and perhaps USD $500 million  at the same time. We see it happening in this week’s draws with PowerBall offering the biggest jackpot in the world of USD $455 MILLION and US Mega Millions hitting $345 MILLION.

Regardless of where you live, everyone can easily play jackpot prizes offered all over the world. In fact, this week’s prize drawing for Italy’s SuperEnaLotto could be interesting at EUR €113 MILLION, or there is the Oz Powerball offering USD $31,628,000. Buy tickets for any MEGA lottery draw in the world and enjoy the benefits of playing it global

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