Sorteo Extraordinario de San Valentin- Play Loteria Nacional Extra

Sorteo Extraordinario de San Valentin- Play Loteria Nacional Extra

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Play loteria nacional extra - sorteo extraordinario san valentinEspecial san valentin. €105,000,000 will be drawn for the Loteria Nacional Extra raffle in Madrid, Spain. Ticket sales for this raffle super draw (sorteos extraordinario) close February 14 – so make sure you play the Spanish Raffle soon to avoid missing out! You don’t have to travel to Spain to participate in one of the world’s biggest raffles.

Each Loteria Nacional Extra raffle draw has 100,000 tickets printed with a code of 00000 – 99999 printed. Ten copies of each full ticket are printed and divided into ten shares, or in Spanish known as a decimo, for individual purchase.

Here is what you need to know:

  • €105 million in prizes
  • Jackpot purse of €15 million
  • 1-in-10,000,000 odds of winning the jackpot purse
  • 1-in-100,000 odds of winning the €130,000 first prize per share
  • 37,151 chances to win on every ten share ticket
  • an impressive 1-in-2.7 odds of winning a prize
  • 15 different prize categories

Play Loteria Nacional Extra

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