Play el Nino (Jan. 6, 2015) – Limited Tickets for €560m in Prizes

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Play el Nino raffle before it is too late. Start your year with a bang by winning a share of €560,000,000 in prize money. Get your tickets now as there is limited stock leading up to the draw day. Unlike a traditional lottery, players purchase pre-numbered tickets.

The el Niño raffle is also known as the “Sorteo Extraordinary de El Niño” or the “Spanish winter lottery”, promoted by the Loteria Nacional Extra series of raffles. The ticket numbers are all 5 digits long and range from 00000 to 99999. Each number will be printed multiple times as a ‘series’. Each series exist as a full ticket or ‘billete’ which are then further broken down into ‘decimos’, which is 1/10 of a billete. People can buy a decimo or a full billete ticket. Should a 5 digit number be a winning combination, a holder of a decimo will win 1/10 of the prize. A holder of a billete will win 100% of the prize.

There are many ways to win – a fantastic 1-3  odds of winning a prize. Furthermore you can win up to 8 times on a single el Niño ticket! You can read more about the prize tiers to understand how much fun and excitement there is when you play el Nino!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and play. Tickets are sold subject to availability so be sure to purchase early.

Best of luck playing the Spanish Winter Lottery!

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