Lottery Betting Gives Improved Lotto Odds

Lottery Betting Gives Improved Lotto Odds

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Match at Least ONE Lotto Number to Win.

How many times have you played the lottery where you were unable to match a winning combination but were able to match just ONE SINGLE NUMBER? With bookmakers, you can increase your odds of winning a prize by placing a bet on any number of balls to come up. For example, correctly predict ONE number in a 6/49 lotto (e.g. Canada’s Lotto 6/49, Irish Lotto, UK’s National Lottery, or Spain’s La Primitiva among others) for 6-to-1 odds. Correctly matching 5 numbers will reward you 100,000-to-1!

Unlike purchasing a lottery ticket in hopes of winning the jackpot prize, you place bets on lotto outcomes i.e. match one or more numbers drawn. Just like being able to buy lottery tickets online, you can also make an online lottery bet with bookmakers. The typical minimum bet is £0.50 per line i.e. selection of number(s). The odds vary by bookmaker so be selective with who you wager with and on which lottery.

Lottery Betting – Lotto Odds and Payout Example

A comparison of purchasing lottery tickets in hopes of winning the jackpot prize vs. betting on lottery outcomes is shown in the table below. This is specific to Spain’s La Primitiva draw, but the results are comparable to other 6/49 lotteries found in Canada, UK,  and Germany.

 Lottery Ticket PurchaseLottery Betting
Ticket Purchase or Bet €2€2
Match 1 Numbern/a6/1: €12 + €2 original bet
Match 2 Numbersn/a66/1: €132 + €2
Match 3 Numbers€8700/1: €1,400 + €2

LottoTicketmaster will soon publish a resource on lottery betting, including lotto odds, game variants, and reputable bookmakers providing this service.

Meanwhile, you can get more excitement when playing your favourite lotto draw now. Check out our reputable partner who will give you a free matching bet of up to £25!

Good Luck when playing (or betting) on the lottery!

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