Losing Winning Lottery Ticket is Costly

Losing Winning Lottery Ticket is Costly

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On March 12, a California man missed out on his $1 million prize after failing to claim his Powerball ticket in time. It turns out the  man knew he won, it was just that he lost his Powerball lottery ticket.

This happens more often than people think, with $20 million going unclaimed last year. One way to prevent this from happening is to purchase lottery tickets online. With Lotto Ticketmaster, people can participate in major lotto draws and raffles all over the world by purchasing tickets online and at the last minute. Moreover, these digitally tracked purchases provide the security of not losing or not claiming a winning ticket.

Misplacing a winning lottery ticket hurts, so don’t let this happen to you. As a special offer to people new to buying lottery tickets online, Lotto Ticketmaster is offering a special “Buy One, Get One FREE”. Simply click on your favourite lottery, pick your numbers, sign up and make your deposit to get a free ticket.

There is another benefit to purchasing tickets online. To this day, most Canadians believe they need to travel south of the border to participate in Powerball or Mega Millions draws. The ability to purchase tickets online dispels this notion. People anywhere in the world can easily play any jackpot draw.

There is no better way to play the world’s mega lotteries with ease, safety and security than with Lotto Ticketmaster.




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