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How to Play your Favourite Lottery

International customers can play over 50 major lottery jackpots online

With the simple click of your mouse, play one of many worldwide lotteries. Buying lottery tickets online is easy. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Check the major lotteries you like to play and their estimated jackpot values for the next draw.
  2. Select the numbers as required by that particular lottery.
  3. You have the option to play for the next or future draws, playing with the same numbers. Alternatively, you can have random numbers selected for you by clicking the Quick Pick option.
  4. If not already registered, you need to complete a registration form and make the payment for your tickets. At this stage, you will have the option to play additional lines, or other lotteries.
  5. Wait to see if you win! After the draw you will receive automatic email and/or SMS notifications. Your ACCOUNT BALANCE will immediately be credited with the winning amount. In case of a huge win, someone from the customer support team will contact you immediately.


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