Powerball & Mega Millions for Canadians

Canadians can Buy and Play Powerball or Mega Millions

Canadians Play Powerball and Mega Millions with Lotto Ticketmaster

No more traveling. No need to fight the lines. Be assured not to miss any draw. Play the world’s biggest lotteries with your favorite numbers in the comforts of your home. Purchasing a lottery ticket through Lotto Ticketmaster gives you access to the world’s top lottery games with the same rules, the same play options, and the same chances to win – with your online advantage.

With Lotto Ticketmaster’s Partner Agent the Lotter, you get 12+ years of proven track record and market experience to play the biggest and best lotteries from all over the globe.

 In fact, a lucky Canadian jackpot winner from Montreal won the second prize in the $2.15 billion Cdn US Powerball in 2016. Our partner agent had bought the man’s Powerball ticket in the US and scanned it to his online account. After he’d won $1.35 million Cdn, our partner agent flew the man over to the US to collect his prize. Canadians are legally entitled to play Powerball in this manner, because Powerball tickets purchased in the US never leave the country.

With the simple click of your mouse, play one of many worldwide lotteries, including US Powerball or Mega Millions:

1. Make your selection. Click on your desired lottery. Select the amount of draws you want to participate in. Choose your lucky numbers.

2. Add your Entry.

3. Login and/or Register.

4. Confirm and Pay.

5. Wait to see if you win! After the draw you will receive automatic email and/or SMS winning notifications, and take home commission-FREE prizes! Your ACCOUNT BALANCE will immediately be credited with the winning amount. In case of a huge win, someone from the customer support team will contact you immediately.

Buy tickets for any MEGA lottery draw in the world and enjoy the benefits of playing it global. You are already a winner if you join now with Lotto Ticketmaster – get a FREE ticket when you make your first ticket purchase.

Since 2002, the service has helped people win close to $80 million Cdn. With a 100% payment record to all its players, be confident that you have set your dreams of financial freedom into motion.

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