Play SuperEna Max – €250 MILLION Jackpot Prize!

Lottery Promotions on 15 Mar , 2016

Play SuperEna Max Lotto

Currently the world’s biggest lottery prize is Italy’s SuperEna Max during Superstar week (March 15 – 19, 2016). A short spell, yes, but a lavishly rewarding one, Super yes! You’ll be in for an exciting treat as you get to try your luck on the biggest and best European lottery game available online.

SuperEna Max is based off the popular Italian game, SuperEnaLotto. The Max version uses winning numbers from the National draw to find winners. This opportunity will commence three times in a week.

This game is played over an 11 draw cycle with jackpots climbing at a massive starting point of 100 million Euro. The prize can climb even higher to a staggering 250 million Euros! Such massive draws are always typical of the mighty SuperEna Max lottery.

How to Play the Superstar draw

The draw involves choosing an extra 7th number from a second set of numbers from 1-90. If you match the standard 6 numbers and this additional 7th ‘Superstar’, you win the top prize. And how much is this top prize? Well, anywhere from 200 million to 250 million Euros cash!

Buy SuperEna Max tickets online and benefit from playing in this special event and winning a great big lottery jackpot right from the comforts of your very home! For other lottery gameplay, check out the huge jackpots available and play lottery online.

Wherever in the world you are, you can participate, and you can win big. Luck can find you anywhere.

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